Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Charlotte Tilbury Make-Up Range

Charlotte Tilbury’s announcement of a make-up line this summer got me over my disappointment of a lackluster GTA V. As one of the most iconic make-up artists working today, she has been transforming women into modern vixens longer than I have been born. Stars like Ali McGraw, Barbara Bach, and Ursula Andress are often referenced in her look board for the shows. She encapsulates a moment in time with her makeup, with the ability to polish a face to be as close to perfection as possible. What sets her apart from other face painters of our age is that Tilbury is not conceptual as Dick Page or Pat McGrath-she is all about the glamour and sophistication. The fact that she was now lending her tools and tips to the public to learn her craft and magic literally had me reeling in ecstasy. 

The Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridges London feels like a warm haven of make-up extravagance. The members of staff look genuinely happy to help you, taking each individual through an item, as if it were created specifically for you-and they sure are convincing.  Let’s face it, the girls at the Dior counter are frankly quite robotic and make you want to teach them a thing or two about a great brow.  It does help to know that some of them work with Charlotte on the shows, and others have been trained specifically for the role by Tilbury herself.

Charlotte Tilbury Products

  One observation out of many was that a Charlotte Tilbury Brow never looks fake and drawn on. Poorly down eye-brows are a sad epidemic at the moment; or at least at the Mac counter. A Tilbury brow looks luscious and groomed; arched perfectly at the corner. That is what had me falling for her ‘Brow Lift.’ The surge in the full brow look had me with doubts, but one of Tilbury’s assistants revealed that an eye brow pencil is a mandatory product in a Tilbury eye look. If you skip filling in your brows, then it’s as though you've bared your eye look without mascara. I could actually see truth in this idea. Filling in my eyebrows after a smoky eye, does give a sense of neatness and finality to my look. The great thing about brow lift is that it’s a squared off applicator so application is quick in a few deft strokes, then angling it towards the end elongates the eye.  A dainty little peach highlighter is included within the pen that enables you to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner. It works wonders on the cupid bow too.

My previous experience with Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation formula was with her fun little MyFace Cosmetics range at Boots. I remember how hydrating and glowing it left my skin, so I could only dream of what her re-invented premium foundation 'Light Wonder' was to be like. Sadly cosmetic companies don’t recognize realistic dark shades for women of colour. They’re either too orange or too pale. I went for my best bet with Shade Number 3, which is like a moisturizing veil on my skin. I would describe it as a cross between Chanel Vitalumiere and Mac Face and Body foundation. It won’t leave you with every single imperfection covered but it will leave your skin looking like a halo.

The iridescent halo effect was what I was hoping for in the 'Wonder Glow' illuminator. Unfortunately, I was left really disappointed with this product. It did not sit well underneath my foundation or any base for that matter. Mixing It with my moisturizer just makes every single imperfection on my skin stand out even more. Couple that with a shimmery face and it just looks disastrous. But it did work wonders as a highlighter strategically placed applied last in my make-up routine. I simply grab my foundation brush and lightly dab a few layers of this gleaming liquid onto my high points-cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow and its gives a natural highlight.

Now the most exciting part of the range-the 'Swish and Pop' blushers. I am a big sucker for a great blusher. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that their Holy Grail make up item is mascara. As for me, it’s blusher. Blusher does so much for a face than any other product can. It adds structure and depth to your cheeks, makes you look healthy and feminine. A look without blusher makes me feel shapeless.

There is such ingenuity behind Tilbury’s concept of the swish and glow with an outer circle and an inner colour. It’s a really clever way of helping women to structure their cheekbones. You simply contour the cheek area with a dulled down shade, while adding a flush of colour to dictate the center. Named after five lustful names, I opted for Love Glow and subsequently Ecstasy. Love Glow is a pastel sugary pink that is a luminous version of Nars ‘Desire.’

I’m not too keen on 'Love Glow'. Mine broke in the post and I had to use rubbing alcohol to mold the broken powders together, so it applies like a faint-toned cream blusher that smells strongly of bleach. How gross. Luckily, Charlotte Tilbury’s team saved the day by sending me ‘Ecstasy’ to replace the broken product.  There are so many things I love about this shade. ‘Ecstasy’ is a shimmering amber shade with peach tones that enlivens my dark complexion beautifully. The texture blends perfectly into the skin, while leaving an even colour pay-off. What’s not to love?

The star of the base range would be the 'Airbrush Flawless Finish' face powder. I have never been so impressed by a face powder. Face powders are often my worst enemy, they either leave my face looking chalky and dry. The 'Airbrush Flawless Finish' however, manages to make up for a lackluster base. It fills in every pore and leaves a natural veil over the skin, smoothing over any bumps and just giving a generally perfected finish. I have even resorted to using it on its own after moisturizer because it works so well at giving a good thin coverage.

As for 'The Retoucher' concealer, it marries beautifully onto my skin. Touche Eclat and Nars Creamy Concealer are going to be put on hold for a little while, because I am in love with this magic pen. It is the creamiest formula that just glides onto my under eyesafter patting it in it smooth the under eye area and stays put forever. Do be warned, I have just brought this today, so I am on a bit of a high about it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Couple of Questions for...Will Eustace


1. vegans or vegetarians? Vegetarians. Being Vegan would just be too boring.
2. catch someone naked in your house or caught naked in someones house? I live in South London so there would never really be a good outcome of either.
3. shorts or trousers? Trousers on Mondays and Thursdays, Shorts the rest. Unless it's a leap year, then I'm usually just naked the entire time.
4. blackberrys or iphones? iPhone. Because it doesn't break on me every other week like the Blackberry did.
5. old testament or new testament? Neither. The New New Testament. It's a project I'm working on with David Attenborough and Richard Ashcroft. It's gonna be big.
6. football or rugby? Rugby, unless it's the World Cup.
7. girls or cars? Girls, I don't drive.
8. camden or marylebone? I could never live in Marylebone but it is nice to be in for a short time. Camden is good to go out in, but during the day it's just become a load of stalls selling fake t shirts and sketchy guys trying to sell you bad weed.
9. bros or hoes? Bros. Unless your Hoe has Bro-like qualities. Or your Bros have Hoe-like qualities. Or maybe if your Hoe is really good friends with your Bros, or if your Hoe is your Bro's sister... What was the question again?
10. peter or jordan? That's not even a fair question, one of the options has to be good in some way.

SPOTTED: Jourdan Dunn on Regents Street, London

WHERE: Regents Street, London
WHO: Jourdan Dunn, Model
WHAT: Rushing down Regents street, I was not expecting to come across the lovely Ms Dunn. I couldn't help gushing like a little girl exclaiming to her how unbelievably beautiful she is. I always thought that it is a pretty obvious thing to say to a model. They must hear it countless of times. However, she was modest and lovely. Lovely enough to even pull out a little fly out of my hair.

Friday, July 29, 2011

SPOTTED: Karl Morrall on Oxford Street, London

WHERE: Oxford Street, London
WHO: 21 year old, Liverpuddlian model, Karl Morrall.
WHAT:  I was pleasantly surprised to walk into the demure Karl Morall on Oxford Street last evening. He was taken by surprise as he has only just started modelling, his first show being the Prada spring summer 2012 collection, which he could only describe as being 'really out there.' I did suggest camp. So being recognised came as  a shock to him. He is in London shooting for Burberry e-commerce projects (no, not the campaign sadly) and is currently studying Economics at University of Edinburgh. He was very mild-mannered and sweet and I hope he goes far.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Couple Of Questions for...Jono Namara

LSDs or LCDs?
So, it's either Lysergic acid diethylamide or liquid crystal display eh? Well, I've never tried to lick a tab of LSD but then again neither have I tried to lick an LCD screen.

Somehow, the thought of spending countless hours addressing my toenails believing that they are actually magical imps from the impoverished land of Tobonga5, doesn't really float my boat.

I did once try Salvia Divinorum, which sounds like a spell name made up by J.K Rowling (who I might add is looking pretty MILF-esque these days) until the Daily Mail get on to it's case with another one of their bloody campaigns, it's still classified by U.K law as a legal hallucinogen.

I had a throughly enjoyable five minute experience, where I believed the room I was standing in had turned into a painting, where I could smudge the paint with my hands.

However, my friend had a few smokes of it and immediately believed the bin was talking to him and the avocado in the kitchen bowel was a marine commander- so it's clearly not for everyone!

Timothy Leary the infamous 60's spokesperson for LSD famously coined the phrase "turn on, tune in and drop out"

I feel had Leary been around today he would have said the same if he had been watching Episode 8 Series 3 of Californication.

Monarchy or Presidency?
When I was 16, I was a punk. Well, at least I tried to be a punk. I wasn't the loudest of most confident of my school year and was desperate to get with one of the hottest girls in my school year.

Various adults at the time had told me I looked abit like Sid Vicious. I looked at a few pictures of him and thought he looked like he got the girls, so before you could snarl "pretty vacant" I had turned myself in to a poor man's version of Sid.

To be honest, I wasn't a very good punk- I smiled far too much, every time I would kick over a bin in the street I would feel guilty and go and pick it back up again and my mum would never let me get my ear pierced.

As a punk, I brought into the whole "Anarchy" malarky. I used to draw it's logo on my homework diaries looking back now it all seems abit pointless- I had brought into a trend that had died nearly 30 years before my time, the only reason for hating the monarchy is that my precious tax payers money (a whole 69p a year) goes towards funding there lavish lifestyles.

So presidency it is.

Anorexia or Obesity?
Kushintha, That's a ridiculous question and you know it.

Caught naked in someone else's house or Catch someone naked in your house?
This really depends on the context of the situation. First off, I don't have a problem with being naked around people, I did when i was younger but you've got to lose that issue when you start modeling because the job requires at least half of the time standing around being cold in your pants in front of 40 random people.

Depends who is also naked in my house- I'll tell you what Kushie if you can drum up some names. I'll get back to you with the answer.

Cremated or buried?
Death scares me. It's not something I've really come to terms with yet, maybe I never will. Yet It's something that will happen to us all eventually. I know i'm not saying anything new to anyone here.

The thought of being buried under so many feet of ground in a box decomposing or being burned in a furnace and having whatever is left of you ground into dust still as yet dosn't sound very appealing. what does that leave.... cryonics??

Fatboy slim or Eminem?
Tough one. I was into them both in the late 90's early noughties.
I'm going to go with Fatboy Slim here, Norman Cook has stood the test of time. whereas Eminem however a vitorolic rapper he was or is, well, it just all seem abit naff.

McDonalds or KFC?
It's got to be Maccy D's.

New Testament or Old Testament?
Well, I'm Jewish so this is an easy one for me. Not that I've read much of the old testament or read any of the new one, but they always say you can't beat the original.

Peter or Jordan?
Jordan- shes at least had two big "hits" :)

Sasha Pivovarova or Gemma Ward?
Neither. I like girls with curves, something to grab. It's a common myth perpetuated by the media that men like really thin girls. I'm thin myself, if I was too hug one of them the friction of our thigh bones rubbing against each other would probably create a small fire, brings a new meaning to when people say models are hot.

Babies or Dogs?
Right now, I'll go with dogs. I've always wanted a small to medium sized dog- like a pug. In Japan, it's very common to dress your dog up in clothes, So I would quite like the idea of dressing my pug up in a pair of black drainpipes and a leather jacket- maybe even (as long as the RSPCA don't mind) gluing a tuft of wig hair on its head so I could style his hair into a quiff. He'll look like the dogs bollocks!

Bros or hoes?
Million Quid Question, Can I say Brhoes?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lara Stone gets her Gap Tooth fixed at Harley Street

I ran into Lara Stone, Friday evening on Harley Street. She has flourished my bedroom wall with her gap-toothed snarl for advertising campaigns Givenchy, Belstaff and Jil Sander and she's the one who walks with the infamous wobbly gait at Prada and Calvin Klein shows, and has stolen my heart for four years. Furiously smoking on a cigarette Lara was standing outside the Harley Street Surgical Clinic engrossed in her phone conversation;  gap-tooth baring and all. Harley Street is renowned for it's surgeries, dentistry and doctors, so no doubt it came across our minds she was either having her teeth whitenened or getting liposuction done.

 I called 'Lara! Lara!' she turned around and smiled sweetly and pointed to her phone and mouthed 'I'm so sorry!,' and rushed into the building. My friend was not at all convinced it was Lara Stone, for she was dressed casually and candid in a Fur jacket and skinny jeans fresh-faced and hair pulled back tighly, but i could recognise the deep dutch drawl arguing on the phone and i forced Tushy to wait outside the clinic in the freezing cold; we joked  about the many surgical prospects to pass the time.

Lara came out after an hour and a half. I rushed to her and she exclaimed: 'Oh im so sorry! Were you waiting for me? You are so sweet!' I told her I was a big fan of her work and I was surprised to be welcomed with a warm hug (her waist is incredibly tiny) and a multitude of thanks.  She was very open and sweet to talk to with no pretences at all. Our conversation ranged  from Miuccia Prada, High School, Adolescence and Runway Mishaps. One would be surprised that she claims to be very rarely recognised and approached in her everyday life and that she was unpopular in school and hated every minute of it. And no, Lara doesn't miss doing the shows, though she does miss walking for Prada.  

Much to our shock of John Galliano's suspension at Dior, Lara was talking in a lisp and it appeared the gap tooth was gone. I guess we were the first people to see Lara Stone's fixed gap-tooth.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Backstage at John Rocha SS11

My next stop is Somerset House, there is no point being here because it is nearly impossible to try and get into the show here. They are incredibly organised here at Somerset house. All the shows are set in the one tent at the centre, and there’s a queueing room where you wait to get your ticket checked, there isn’t even a queue for those without a ticket. Sometimes the queues are so massive even if you have a ticket you aren’t necessarily guaranteed entrance. That’s what happened last season at John Rocha. The show was crazily oversubscribed and the queue went from one end of the building to the other, only about roughly a half of the people fit into the tent.

 Though, you can’t get into the shows, I’ve found its quite easy to get in backstage. Last season I spotted John Rocha having a fag with Jethro Cave outside the backstage area, I walked up the black stairs and opened the big black door and security looked at me like, ‘wtf’ but I just walked on and they said nothing. If you act like you have authority then no one will bother you, but if you waver or show signs of insecurity then they’ll notice.

This was where I met recent face of Burberry and lead singer of  Avius Sebastian Brice, when he was new. I asked him If he would ever get the Burberry mainline campaign,  and he looked a little embarrassed and laughed  ‘I don’t think they’d ever choose me for something that big!’ A couple of months passed by and he appeared in the winter campaign alongside London babe Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Nina Porter and Thomas Penfound. Sadly I have no evidence of meeting Sebastian Brice, Jethro Cave and Douglas Nietzke that day as this was the very day I left my Nokia N97 in a bloody black cab.

James Hampson is standing outside smoking a cigarette, I remember him from the Prada SS09 menswear show and that FTV video where he tells us he loves Britney spears and is an i-Pod junkie. He doesn’t look nearly as fresh as he appears in the video. He looks a bit dreary and grey, puffing huge clouds of smoke. He asks me how I recognise him, and I’m not sure what to say. I’ve always found that whenever I recognise male models, they aren’t the least bit surprised, but how is that if the general public who aren’t interested in fashion don’t even know who they are?

 Last season, when I met Jono Namara waiting in the queue for a show, he had no pretensions of being recognised even though he’s done countless campaigns for brands like Lanvin and Dior Homme.  I asked him why male models don’t seem surprised and he told me later: ‘they only play it cool so it seems like they are recognised the whole time. I was really shocked you knew who I was.’ I ask James if he ever gets recognised and he flinches and says he’s rarely in london, so very rarely. Anyhow, look out for him in Russian GQ editorials.

I walk through the door and see swarms of make-up artists and hairdressers picking at every model, frizzing their hair into the characteristic SS11  afro and wiping off every remnant from other shows. A woman shouts, ‘Who is doing Linsdey Wixsons hair when she arrives?’ I see Ilvie Wittek again, she looks confused as she stares at me. It must be strange being whisked off to a million places in a short time and seeing familiar random people. I look around the clothing rails and spot John Rocha and a team of dressers tending to a model, I turn around and I see a rib cage and some breasts- a model is completely nude, which feels entirely awkward but she doesn’t seem too bothered by it.  The clothes are mainly of corsetry, over-sized pieces, evening gowns in fleshy tones and frothy textured hats, nothing gimmicky just unfussy, elegant clothes with character. 

With models waiting around, PRs bustling about and make-up artists growing increasingly suspicious of anyone, backstage gets boring after a while. After awkwardly taking snaps of anything and anyone, my flash decided to go off and amidst the crowd of make-up artist they all turn around and look at me.  The head make-up artists asks me why I'm taking a pictures and who the hell I am, I don't know idea what to say so I try to sound as official as possible and I tell her I'm a backstage photographer for Fashion Rambler blog and that my name is Sonal Shah. . She isn't having any of it. She says 'I'm going to go and check your name on the list to see if you're supposed to be here.' She still stands there and she isn't getting a list at all, i don't think this list exists. I finally work out that she's basically kicking me out. How freaking awkward. I suddenly don't have this twatty air of self-importance around me anymore.  And with my modest HP camera. I turn around and take a few more pictures and leave. 

Friday, December 31, 2010

London Fashion Weeking: Day 3: Topshop Unique

In a strange way, its way more fun having no ticket to a show than actually having one. You feel a bit like common trash standing outside awkwardly waiting for someone interesting to come out, but it's totally exhilarating because you don't know who exactly is in there and once you’re in, you sort of feel approved.

 Two seasons ago, during the SS10 shows, my good friend Tushara and I blagged our way into the Julien Macdonald show here in London. In my post about the show I made it seem as though i was formally invited, but i totally wasn't. 

We told the PR we were with a renowned English newspaper and gave each other fake tacky names, like 'Sonal Shah' and 'Janae Bakken' (cast and crew member's of Scrubs, of course, as Tushy’s obsessed) We thought we had no chance and did it for a laugh, but to our surprise she pointed to the entrance and said 'get in there!' and went on to reject every other person in the queue.  

I’ve always hoped my first show to be Jil Sander or Prada, but I’ve grown quite fond of satin coats and snakeskin evening gowns since then. It felt exhilarating witnessing this excessively extravagant world in person; YouTube videos don't really do it any justice. 

We spied over the tall glasses of champagne carried out by charming, young men amidst “Forbidden Colours” playing in the background, and pushed our way to the front of the standing pit, and lo and behold Constance Jablonski is walking out in a sheer bikini. We felt a bit cheap and twatty with our air of self-importance, but once you’re in, you totally feel a part of the whole fashion pack. Read about the show here.

This SS11 season I decided to go outside a few shows and try to get into a few others with Tushy. Topshop Unique always has a good newbie cast with a few Prada regulars. Surprisingly the show isn’t cast by Russell Marsh, but by Sarah Murray and Jess Hallet of Darling Productions, casting extraordinaire of Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, and Alexander McQueen among others. You always a spot a new girl at the Topshop show, and by the end of fashion week, she's appeared at Prada and Balenciaga and everyone knows her name. 

Sadly, our last season efforts proved that it‘s really quite pointless trying to get into Topshop Unique. Though it's not one of the biggest names out there, if you don't have a ticket then the PR won't even look at you let alone bother to listen to a swarm of lies, the PRs are surprisingly very organised with their lists and ticket allocations unlike some of the bigger  brands. 

It was really frustrating because they changed the venue from Luxborough Street to Waterloo Station. I had to follow a bunch of Russian women who looked a part of fashion week throughout my entire journey. I noticed this season that there were so many Russians outside the shows.  I always find that during fashion week, everywhere you go, there's fashion industry people wherever you go with the BBC accreditation card around their necks. You often find yourself just following someone who looks remotely fashion-y just to find a show.

 There weren't that many people standing outside, except for a few photographers and a hoard of drivers standing around smoking and waiting. I decided to talk to some of the drivers and ask them who they were driving. I didn't really care for Amber Le Bon's driver, so i asked some of the other model drivers instead. 

I came across one guy who seemed exhausted and totally out of it. He was a bit sceptical about me asking him who he was driving but eventually he gave in. I honestly could never understand what he ever said because he spoke so fast and had such a thick accent. So eventually he told me he was driving: 'Abblifghdj' There wasn’t really much point asking him to repeat what he said. I just assumed he meant 'Abbey Lee Kershaw,' so I told him that i was a big fan and that I’d love to have a picture with her. He told me that he'd been driving her for four hours and that she was the loveliest person he’d ever worked with. He also said that he'd be driving his car right out at the front to pick her up quicker so i should wait by there to get a good picture.

I waited around at the front, and by the end of the show I spotted Nicola Roberts, of UK hit band Girls Aloud.  We usually spot her at every London Fashion Week show; no one really cares for her picture as much because she’s literally everywhere. 

Also, Julia Roitfeld, of the Tom Ford advertising campaign fame and that hilariously awful Jil Sander perfume ad  came out, you feel she’s the only person worth photographing, surprisingly no one cared about her, but I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful she was: bright green eyes and all legs. Amber Rose comes out and everyone is flooding for her picture, I think they were all expecting Kanye to come out. But still no sign of Abbey Lee!  I was surprised when Amber Rose looked towards me, spread her hips wide and put her hands on her hips for my camera, I then realised she was expecting me to take a picture. She then got into that man’s car, he waved bye to me and drove off. So it turned out he was driving Amber Rose and not Abbey Lee. How do you mix the two names up?

Still no sign of models, with all the new girls of the season, I didn’t think I’d be able to recognise many. I notice big fluffy hair a la Louis Vuitton ss10 and I spot Julia Nobis looking unhappy in an afro and garish red lips, she doesn’t look like she wants to be photographed but I thought I’d ask her anyway, I haven’t been waiting around for nothing. She is one of the girls of the season, from appearing at Marc Jacobs to opening Proenza Schouler. She has this awkward and mysterious beauty about her that I really like.

 Then there’s a small crowd around Dree Hemmingway.  In pictures she looks mean and unapproachable and in videos she talks about all the clothes she wears, but she seems really sweet. I approach her and ask for a picture, she looks down at my small stature and asks me my name and how she would be happy for me to take a picture of her. I haven’t said much and she grabs me and hugs me and tells me I’m the sweetest thing ever. I don’t know if its for the camera that’s watching over or the people surrounding, but I figure she’s quite lovely, though I feel a bit patronised.  

I recognise Austrian Ilvie Wittek, who appeared in shows Prada and Louis Vuitton last season standing alone. She reminds me of Hannah Holman in every way, peaches and cream complexion and pale blonde hair. She has this quiet stature and shyness that’s really endearing.

 Then Constance Jablonski comes rushing out eating a bar of chocolate walking along with Dorothea-Barth-Jorgensen. I never got Dorothea’s appeal until I saw her in person, she has this ethereal quality about her in person, she’s impossibly thin but there’s a gracefulness in her fragility and movement that really stands out. Constance on the other hand is strikingly beautiful in person, her eyes are a pale blue in contrast to her warm tan skin and she has this expensive bone structure. In her heavy French drawl she deals with everyone approaching her with unpretentiousness and modesty. You would have thought it would have all gone to her head by now.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Couple of Questions for...Jacob Coupe

Monarchy or Presidency?
Presidency/Priministary because they actually help or atleast try to solve problems and not just run around chasing foxes.

Babies or Dogs? 
Dogs for when im young, Babies for when im ready.

Sisqo or Dizzee Rascal? 
Dizze rascal, Sisqo was/is just fast food music, Dizze is abit more filling.

Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay? 
Jamie Oliver when he had his old tv show, The Naked Chef and was in his flat, these days Gordon Ramsey.

London or NY?
London....just England generally, because Englands such a small country anywhere you go you feel kind of at home, iv come to realise too, English people are actually amazingly nice compared.

Whats the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
Like totally get caught without my foundation and concealer on, i.just.dropped.dead. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prada SS10 Soundtrack

Classicism and modernity went hand in hand in Miuccia Prada's collection of a 'crystalised beach'. The collection had a very fantastical and artifical looking element to it all; the glossy red mouths, chandeliers swaying, plastic-like shoes and the projection of Italian interiors on the hi-tech fantasy set.
Jackets and shorts were robotic and futuristic in classic Balenciaga shapes of predominant silver tones , while the photographic prints of the tourist resort beach on the clothing represented the technological aspect to rhe collection.

Without a doubt, the Prada runway show soundracks are always one of the best of the season. I've had this one blaring on my iPod non stop for months. My sisters says it sounds like a train crash, but i think it sounds pretty damn fierce.It starts off brash and agressive with the  occasional lulls of Brenda's harmonic melancholic voice whereas the instrumental piece gives a mood of serenity.

 Runway soundtracks in general are another massive interest of mine aside from the clothing, there is such a massive level of thought that goes behind the musical aspect of a show. It's often unnoticed how relevant a single lyric or chord resonates with a collection. Imagine if Sanchez chose to play Metallica? We'd probably see the clothing in a completely different light. I think it's absolutely genius.

Lil Mama raps about making herself look attractive ,which contributes to the artifical element of the collection, while Brenda Lee pines about loneliness and insecurity. The 50's and 60's is an era that Miuccia commonly cites in her designs. Whilst, The powerfully cinematic piece by Mantovani of Inland Empire gave us the sense of past and classicism aspect to the collection.

It feels almost like a conversation or even a blaring argument between the two women Lil Mama and Brenda Lee. Rather a conversation between classicism and modernity, or perhaps even a powerplay between two women of optimism and uncertainty.


"Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama
"All Alone Am I" by Brenda Lee
"Colours Of My Life" by Mantovani

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